How to separate sound on speakers and headphones?


By default Windows all sounds is sending to «default system audio». Sometimes we need to have different sounds on speakers and headphones. For us it means that someone can use speakers to listen film and at the same time you can work using second monitor with another music in headphones. Even with one monitor it is very useful — by making headphones «Windows Default» you will direct all sounds not to the speakers — this will make your life silent and comfortable.

If you will direct your favourite music player to speakers and "Windows default" to headphones nothing more will disturb you during your music listening. To do it set sound card as shown on pic.

Our goal is ability of setting default output device ( №1 on pic.). If you don`t see this - go to advanced settings (№2 on pic.).

Setting your sound card

Select as shown below - headphones must be independent!

Independent headphones

Now we can set all software in two ways (example - music player AIMP).

How to set up AIMP

Sound output directions

Now we can chose for all kind of software three ways of sound output

  1. AIMP (or smth else) will play using Headphone.
  2. ... using Speakers.
  3. Third type - this program will use Windows default way.

I prefer such sсheme: Windows Default - Headphone, music player - Speakers. And nothing will disturb my favourite music!


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