How to remove all viruses from PC?


How can i clean my PC from viruses? The easiest way is cruel – formating of all disks, reset BIOS, reinstall OS Windows. Just a sec – what about my music, photos and films? Forget about them! Joke!

We need to save all useful files in safe place, delete viruses among them and only after this we can format all disks - agree? - Wow, Max, stop! - someone will say, - What about "virus removal tools"?

Everybody can download antiviral soft - hacker too?

All this software works like traditional antivirus – using signatures. That's why there are two big problems, if you are going to use such tool.

1 – Hackers can download this tools like you do. And than they test new virus, trying to do it invisible or unreachable for the overwhelming majority of antiviral utilities.

2 – If THIS virus is not present in antiviral signatures, all kind of antiviral utilities will be useless.

That is why I recommend such aggressive method – upload media files to cloud (Cloud – 1 TB size, Weiyun - 10TB ).

Save your music in the cloud - feel free to format the disk!

Usually viruses are invisible for cloud clients, because of this your files in the cloud will be free from viruses. More – it is unsafe for virus to be uploaded. In this case such “software” soon will be well known to everybody (i mean antiviral companies).

Now we are free – if virus will infect your PC and traditional virus removal tools wont help you can format all disks. Now you can reinstall OS Windows on clean HD. Nota bene! Be ready for BIOS virus cleanup – if your system becomes infected after reinstall it may be virus from BIOS. To destroy it just turn off PC, unplug power cable and remove battery on the motherboard for 1 minute.

After reinstalling OS Windows you can install your cloud client, login and wait till it will download all your files back to your HD.


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