How to stop USB (SD) virus?


It is very comfortable to use USB drive or SD (micro SD) card for data transfer. And it is not good, when viruses uses this way. Just connect your camera to infected PC and USB virus will come. Now, if you will connect this camera (or SD card) to your PC (nout) this virus will infect it. Virus unknown to your antivirus will infect your PC.

Couple years ago i would wrote — install Linux and use it to check USB Drive. But after news from Doctor Web about malware for Linux and Mac OS X method must be little bit more aggressive.

There are two problems, USB drive users face most of all.

First — after connecting you see, that all files have disappeared. In this case Linux reader can help you.

Second — after using USB drive troubles begins. There was virus, but now it is too late. How could we stop it? After connecting external drive to suspicious PC (nout) we need to separate viruses from useful files.

The easiest way is: boot from Puppy Linux live CD, upload useful files to cloud service, format USB drive and use PC (nout) as usual after that.

What to do?

Download Puppy Linux latest version, burn on CD.

Boot from this CD.

Connect USB drive or SD card. Click on it icon.

hard disk

SDA1(2,3) - you hard disk - DO NOT click on this icons! SDB, SDC - this is USB drive or SD card.

usb drive

After this click on the shortcut «Browse» (if Puppy Linux is not connected to internet, click «Connect» to set up your network connection). Login to your mail and send via email all useful files from the USB drive.

Press on the "eye" not to forget hidden files, sometimes this will let you to see virus.

ups - USB virus

After that unmount USB drive (right click on it`s icon and select "Unmount SDB") and start Gparted to format it.

Gparted 1 Gparted 2

Right click on the green space, "Format to", "FAT 32". "Apply".

Gparted 3

That`s all!


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