How to use Internet safely?


Sometimes web browser is the only thing, we were using during the day on the PC (notebook, smart phone). Majority of sites are safe. Don't forget — hackers regular finds exploits for different CMS. After that all sites, that uses this CMS may be cracked and infected. In this case no one can tell you is this (or this) site already infected, or not.

Of course, different sites with specific content (torrents, etc) often “normally” contain such viruses.

The way to your comp for virus may be simple – when your monitor displays web page, your PC has already downloaded many files from server on HD. Pictures, scripts, some other types of files must be downloaded – this is necessary. Some of this files can be infected. If your antivirus wont find virus – that`s it!

If your PC (notebook, smart phone) wont download all files from the site, that may be infected we will be in more safe. We can find out the content of web page without visiting it – just click on the link “Cached”, when you are looking google search results. Look picture below.

One more trick – use proxy server to visit web page of unknown site. This is very safe, if we will compare it with traditional visiting of the page. There are many proxy servers, as example Enter url of the site you want to visit in the field at the center of the page.

And the last method – install, Virtualbox ( install OS Windows (or Linux) in it and use virtual machine to visit all kind of sites. Virus wont be able to attack host system (OS that you have installed on the pc) – all viruses will attack OS in virtual machine. To save your time just do the easy steps.

1 – Install OS in virtual machine.

2 – Save copy of virtual hard disk somewhere (in another folder).

3 – After visiting of the suspicious site restore virtual hard disk from the clean copy.

Summing up: if you prevent direct contact of your PC with infected sites you will be in more safe situation.


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