What is it - PC security?


Why this site can be useful? So much written here...

Let's do a little poll and if you find that the answer "yes" too much, then your PC (noutbook) maybe already under hackers control...

You visit a new web pages, using the browser with saved passwords to your mail, Facebook etc? If the answer is YES, then you run a high risk - an infected sites can steal stored passwords. What to do? At least use another browser, better start it in virtual machine. Read more here ...

You think that virus "lives" on the C drive? If your answer is "YES", then you run the risk of again - today viruses invades in BIOS, MBR record, router and even to the space between the partitions on your hard disk. Just to check out the C drive is not enough - we need to clean your entire pc.

Still using a USB flash drive "like everybody does"? Viruses today uses USB drives in the same way. Again - if the answer is "YES", then you should read the article, how to protect from the virus on a flash drive.

You use a router simply by entering your login and password to connect to your ISP? Poor, if the answer is "YES" - the router to protect against unauthorized use of the Internet. And be sure to change the administrator default password.

Still using keygens and cracks? If "YES", then you run the risk of getting Trojan. There is a way to reset trial safely!

Do not want to buy Windows? Use Linux, or download Windows 8 Enterprise 90-day Trial!

But who wants to hack my home PC?

To stole money from bank hackers needs zombie-PCs - your home PCs!

Problems with hackers spamming solved by creation of zombie networks. Such networks are sending millions of spam daily emails. They bring considerable income to their owners. On the "ordinary PCs" is a real hunt. Infected home PC with Internet access for a hacker is a chicken that lays golden eggs.

P.S. First computers were my hobby, but from the moment I started working as a copywriter, PC security has become vital. On this site I posted "tricks" to help me in the daily routine to leave your PC clean. Someone knows better - good. And I still have enough of it.


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