PC + XAMPP=NAS, or how to make NAS from home PC?


It take much time to find and then download everything we like to listen or look on PC. And if you have more than one comp it will be smart not to duplicate all music, video and other files on harddisks of both PC. If you want to share music, videos but don't want to pay for NAS there is a software, that will help for free – XAMPP!

This software was created to help web masters. As bonus, everybody can use it to share different files via web protocol (using web browser).

Sequence of actions:

  1. Download everything you want to share onto ONE local disk (as example – disk D).
  2. Install on this disk XAMPP.
  3. Create folder “Media” in D:\xampp\htdocs – all files must be placed to folder D:\xampp\htdocs\media
  4. Start Xampp Control panel as admin, stop Apache and install it as service. Now START Apache service.
  5. Install Apache

  6. Since stage 4 all files in D:\xampp\htdocs\media are achievable using web browser. On this PC (let's call it “server”) such folder is avaliable at url localhost/media.

    Local files

    How can we find server in the local network?

    Local IP

    All other users, connected to your router, must insert url with local address. Look on picture upper – router has assigned your computer the following IP address –

This means all other notebooks, PC's, smartphones connected to the same router will be able to access all files in D:\xampp\htdocs\media using browser (url

Look below - folder is achievable using web browser.


To get the maximum speed when uploading files, change the priority for the Apache service on a "High". Do it on the server.



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