How to Bypass Right Click Block on Websites


Usually we use both mouse buttons during internet surfing. But sometimes appears, that right mouse button don`t works on the page. In hardest cases we cant even select text on the page. This happens, when webmaster is trying to prevent stealing texts from his pages.

This is really funny — for those who don`t want to steal, such protection is only the inconvenience. But the attacker webmaster can just push «Ctrl» + «U» and everything on the page becomes accessible.

Question is — how can we temporary disable this RMB (right mouse button) blocking? Such blocking usually is a work of the java script. There are two ways -you can disable ALL javascrips in your browser (this can cause incorrect view of all web pages — javascrips are used not only to block RMB). Second way gives you powerful and flexible instrument to contol javascripts on web pages — it is addon «No Script»( for browser Mozilla Firefox(

Install this browser, install addon «No Script» and use it! By default this addon will disable all scripts on all sites. It is very safe — sometimes hackers uses Java scripts to attack your PC. It is clear, that RMB block is disabled, when «No Script» is working. If you trust this site or something is wrong without working scripts on the page — set rule for this site and «No Script» will allow scripts.

To enable right button on web page with protection we need to disable scripts — addon «No Script» will do such work for you easily.


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