How to use router safely?


Scan your router right now!

Your router is very useful thing for hackers. Only crazy ones will attack bank using home PC, hackers usually do it using infected computers and routers. That's why we need to configure all router settings, to maximize complicate it hacking.

How can i know, if my router is already infected?

  1. Test your router right now, in case of infection reset router immediately and set it safely.
  2. You cant login as admin.
  3. You can login to router as admin, but cant change admins password.
  4. You can “change” admins password, but it is impossible to login with this password (be sure you didn't used wrong symbols).
  5. Your Internet speed connection is too slow, router too often restarts.
  6. Your firewall (antivirus) detects scans from routers IP ( or another, you can find this IP in your users manual).

This kind of spyware (for router) cannot be detected directly by antivirus, but can stole your password and block sites.

How can I protect my router from virus?

There are TWO main ways for router infection – WAN and LAN. Second (LAN) uses viruses on your PC. Be sure your PC (notebook, etc) is clean from viruses,read how to clean PC here.

How to protect router from WAN read below.

First step – set password for admin. DON'T use router with default administrative password!

set password for admin

Set login and password for Internet access if necessary.

Set login and password

In the paragraph “Service Information” you can see information, that would be useful later. PVC-2 must be protected, to do it, go to “Advanced”, “Security”, change routed PVC-2 and deny all kind of traffic from WAN (Internet).

PVC-2 must be protected, deny all kind of traffic from WAN

Enable Firewall – in your router menu may be another, find it and turn on.

Enable Firewall

ACL is useful in the office, but it is useless in home (even dangerous). That's why I recommend you to block it from WAN and even set rule as shown below – in this case only PC (notebook) with local IP can login to router. Gadgets with another IP will be ignored.

block ACL from WAN

Wi Fi is very comfortable, but unsafe. If you want to use it, it would be good to prevent connections of unknown gadgets. First step – connect you smartphone, using Wi-Fi and go to “DHCP” - here you can find MAC Address of all connected computers. Find MAC of your gadget and go to Wi Fi settings.

Find MAC of your smartphone

Don't forget to change SSID (it is unsafe to use your router model here) and Pre Shared Key.

Don't forget to change SSID

Then fill “Wireless MAC Address Filter” with MAC Address of your smartphone. Click “Submit”.


Now using of your router is much more safe. After the onset of symptoms of the virus reset router and set as shown in this article. I noticed that router becomes infected every time I use torrents – this is your choice to use it or not.

Good luck and clean router!


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