Stop spam – use temporary mail


No need to tell, how annoying is spam. Hackers every day are trying to steal list of working emails addresses. It is clear, no one can completely hide his email, we need mail in many cases. But there is a big “bug” in modern internet – if you want to see smth on some sites, you'll have to subscribe. And annoying spam begins. As ”bonus”, your email address can be stolen from this base easy. Usually, web master keeps his list of subscribers on home PC - spyware loves such information.

It would be nice to use temporary email, isn't it? There are many such services, as example 10 Minut Mail ( и Crazy mailing ( - use it for all kinds of subscribes you don't want to receive in future! This will protect from stealing – there is no use to send email for such addresses and hackers understands it too.


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